About LS e-Mobility Solutions

LS e-Mobility Solutions Overview


LS Corporate


Blue Color

Transparency and Integrity

Red Color

Challenging and
progressive thinking

The shape of the arrow symbolizes the strong will of a company that is constantly moving toward the future and an infinite growth
company that opens a new paradigm, and the curve line means LS's heart for customers.

Color System

  • LS Blue + Red

    LS Blue + Red

  • LS Silver

    LS Silver

  • LS Gold

    LS Gold

Primary Colors

  • LS Blue

    Printed Color PANTONE 281

    Progress Color C100+M80+Y25

    RGB Color R10+G30+B90

  • LS Red

    Printed Color PANTONE 199C

    Progress Color C5+M100+Y80

    RGB Color R250+G0+B45

Sub Colors

  • Green

    Printed Color PANTONE 312C

    Progress Color C100+Y15

    RGB Color R0+G155+B180

  • Blue

    Printed Color PANTONE 3005C

    Progress Color C100+M30+K5

    RGB Color R5+G105+B160

  • Gray

    Printed Color PANTONE 430C

    Progress Color C5+K50

    RGB Color R125+G130+B130

  • Silver

    Printed Color PANTONE 877C

    Progress Color C40+M30+Y30+K13

    RGB Color R135+G130+B125

  • Gold

    Printed Color PANTONE 872C

    Progress Color C30+M40+Y80+K18

    RGB Color R125+G13+B13


When using the basic colors LS Blue and LS Red,
it is recommended to use it based on the correct manual color manuscript.

Signature (Korean, English, Chinese, Mexico)

Logo Type (Korean, English, Chinese)

Korean Logo Type

  • 엘에스이모빌리티솔루션